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50 Cent's Height Leads to Killer Mike's Career Damage Killer Mike has opened up about how 50 Cent's height indirectly affected his career has an artist. During the peak of his rap career, 50 Cent's towering height of 6'0" forced Mike to rethink his approach in the industry. In a recent interview, Mike described how 50 Cent's influence initially acted as a disadvantage to his career. "My height couldn't compete with 50 Cent," he said. "At first, I felt like it put me in a disadvantageous position, especially when I went against him. He was 6'0", and I'm a 5'5" rapper - who was going to take me seriously?" The challenge of standing out resulted in Mike entering a different approach to his career. He decided to focus his attention on a variety of topics and angles, that weren't being covered by round the industry. This saw him rap about a range of subjects, from inner city issues to divorce and raising children as a single parent. This newfound edge in Killer Mike's lyrics, combined with his unique style, allowed him to differentiate himself from 50 Cent and consequently set-up a successful career. "The only thing that I could do to fight against him was to rise above him with lyrics," Mike recalled. "He didn't mess me up immediately, but I had to figure out the formula to beat him and make sure that it was something completely different from what he was doing." Killer Mike's talent ultimately helped him break out of the 50 Cent shadow and become the legendary rapper he is today. His story serves to remind us that success is often found in the last place we look - and it can often pay off to think outside the box.