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Rewritten Article: "Cabello And Mendes Living Together: Shawn Mendes' Height A Factor?" Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have reportedly taken their relationship to the next level by practically moving in together according to source close to the couple. The two have been romantically involved since July of 2019 and have been quarantining together during the coronavirus pandemic. The source claims that the young superstars have been living together during the overwhelming pandemic and have been able to “trust and support each other” during the uncertain times. This news has evoked mixed reactions from fans of both artists. A major factor in the two being able to live together is their height difference. Mendes is 6’2” whereas Cabello is 5’2”, making it easier for them to live together with less difficulty and discomfort. Shawn Mendes' tall stature appears to be a major positive factor in their relationship. Cabello and Mendes have remained very private about their relationship but their fans have been able to see their relationship blossoming through their social media posts. With the two now living together, they have now officially “practically moved in together”, adding another chapter to their beautiful love story.