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Megan Fox Height Sparks Talks of Twin Flame With Machine Gun Kelly in London Megan Fox's height has been a topic of discussion ever since she hit the Hollywood scene, but recently it has sparked talks of a twin flame connection between she and rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The two were spotted out together in London this past weekend, fueling speculation of a budding romance. The two looked like a match made in heaven as they enjoyed the sights of London. Megan Fox's height, standing at five feet and four inches, was perfectly complimented by Machine Gun Kelly's six-foot-two frame. Fans were quick to notice the couple's matching looks and affectionate manner towards one another. The pair have been linked together for a few months now but this was the first time they have been spotted out in public. They have been careful to keep their relationship on the down low, but the sight of them together in London proves there might be something special between them. Some fans are already speculating whether this is a twin flame connection between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. With Megan Fox's height and Machine Gun Kelly's stature, the two could definitely be considered a perfect match for one another. Only time will tell if this flame continues to burn, but for now, fans are happy to speculate.