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1. Mike Tyson Height Imposes Tough Challenge For Tyson Fury The size difference between Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury is proving to be a major challenge for the latter as they prepare to face each other in their highly-anticipated heavyweight bout. With Iron Mike standing at a formidable height of 5'10'', Tyson Fury is already at a distinct disadvantage, having been measured in at an even 6'6''. As far as fans can tell, Mike Tyson's height has been an intrinsic advantage from the beginning of his career. His unique style was built around the power and control he possessed with his shorter stature, something that Tyson Fury lacked. Yet, despite being unfazed by the height difference, Fury still has his work cut out for him when the two come face to face. On one hand, this height difference is obvious advantage for Mike Tyson because of the reach factor that comes with it; on the other hand, however, it is a real challenge for Tyson Fury because of the difficulty in finding the right tactics to overcome the reach. Nevertheless, Tyson Fury's fans remain unwavering in their support, confident that he will be able to find a way to get through whatever strategy Mike Tyson has in store. While it is an undeniable disadvantage, Fury seems determined to defy the odds and make use of the tools he has. For Mike Tyson, he was certainly been aided by the advantage of height all these years, but it remains to be seen if that will be enough to defeat Tyson Fury.