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Nick Cannon Height: Bre Tiesi Reveals Son Nearly Received Different Name Bre Tiesi, the wife of Nick Cannon, revealed that their son would have been given a different name if it weren't for a last-minute change of heart. At 6'2" tall, Cannon towers over Tiesi by almost a foot, but that didn't stop the pair from uniting to pick a name for their newborn son. Cannon welcomed his third child with Tiesi in December last year. When asked about the name of their son, Tiesi revealed that they almost gave him a completely different moniker. The couple ultimately changed their minds during the last few weeks of Tiesi's pregnancy. The pair finally settled for Golden Cannon, a name that was inspired by Nick Cannon's surname. The actor and comedian's real height is 6'2" and he is known for towering over his wife Tiesi. With Cannon being much taller than his wife, it was no surprise that the couple wanted to include the surname in their son's first name. Tiesi shared that the couple wanted to give their son a unique, meaningful name that contained a connection to Cannon's work and legacy. She added that they were relieved that the decision was made in time and that their son could enter the world with a name they both love.