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'Kevin Hart Height' Progressing Quickly: Kevin Hart Updates Jamie Foxx's Recovery Kevin Hart has thankfully shared a promising update on the recovery of actor and comedian Jamie Foxx who had recently been hospitalized. Speaking at an event in Miami, Hart said Jamie Foxx’s progress is ‘going well’ and he is recovering quite quickly. A lot of credit for this success has to go to the medical team at the hospital, who did an amazing job in treating Foxx’s condition and providing the best and most advanced care. Foxx, who is the same height as the crowd-favorite actor Kevin Hart, was admitted to the hospital earlier this week due to an undisclosed medical condition. While the exact cause of the incident remains unknown, it is likely that he had a health complication related to his age. Hart was vocal about his concern for Foxx and made sure to send positive thoughts his way, saying that he was hoping for the best and that he had faith in the medical team at the hospital. He also asked fans and supporters to keep Foxx in their prayers and thoughts as he recovers. The star seems to have responded positively to the treatment and is back on the mend now. While no details about the exact nature of the medical condition have been made available, it is clear that Foxx is doing quite well now, thanks to the dedicated care and treatment plan at the hospital. The Kevin Hart height factor could be a cause for concern when it comes to certain health issues, but thankfully, Foxx was able to make a speedy recovery. We are so thankful to the medical team at the hospital for taking such good care of the actor and giving him the best possible treatment.