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Tana Mongeau Height Comes Up in xQc Rust Twitch Jeopardy Gamer and Twitch star, xQc, has accused some Rust streamers of cheating during the Twitch Rivals event. During the event, the Rust tournament featured ten teams of two players each playing in a game-based jeopardy style tournament. In a recent stream, xQc criticized what he believed to be some streamers cheating in the tournament. He noted that some of the players were asking questions that seemed to already know the answer to, which he thought was suspicious behavior. He speculated that some of the players had cheated somehow and were trying to get an advantage over their opponents. He expressed his frustration at the situation. Out of all the questions and topics thrown out in the tournament, one question in particular caught the attention of xQc and his viewers. “What is Tana Mongeau's height?” This was an example of what xQc believed to be players cheating during the tournament, as it seemed like an easy question to ask since all the players had access to the same information. It is unclear if any of the Rust streamers were in fact cheating or not. However, it has raised the issue of the integrity of Twitch Rivals and similar tournaments. xQc’s comments have certainly brought the issue to the forefront and could potentially lead to more scrutiny of the industry and the events held under its banner.