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"Blood Sisters: Jane Levy Height Unites With 'Evil Dead Rise' Ladies" The newest installment to the Evil Dead franchise has caused quite a stir in the horror community, and now fans are starting to get a glimpse of the female stars who are uniting in the film! Jane Levy will be leading the cast in this intense and action packed horror movie, and reports have just confirmed her height has made her the tallest of her costars. Jane Levy, best known for her roles in TV show Suburgatory and Don’t Breathe, will be taking the lead as the heroine in the new Evil Dead Rise. The film will also feature a cast of familiar female faces, including Lily Santiago, Daisy Head, and Jillian Bell. The excitement surrounding the film has been palpable ever since its announcement, with fans eager to learn more about its female-led cast. In a recent interview, the cast revealed their characters’ heights and it was discovered that Jane Levy stands at a towering 5’5”, making her the tallest of the ladies. The news that Jane Levy’s height has her towering above the other ladies is sure to only add to the intrigue of the film. Even though she is taller, her costars certainly aren’t small either. Lily Santiago is just 1 inch shorter than Jane Levy, while Daisy Head and Jillian Bell both stand at 5’3”. The ladies of Evil Dead Rise are sure to make a dynamic and powerful team as they battle the gruesome demons of hell. With Jane Levy’s height adding an extra presence, the ladies are sure to bring an action packed movie this spring.