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Article Amazon and Apple Lead the Way as Nvidia Follows Close Behind: Tony Robbins Height in the Spotlight Investors and traders alike have a keen eye out for the world's most promising companies, and Amazon, Apple and Nvidia are no exception. All three of these companies have been highlighted in Zacks Investment Ideas feature, showcasing the power and potential that each company has to offer. Tony Robbins height in the spotlight has further added to their renown, as the world renowned life-coach has blessed each of the companies with his presence at their events and gatherings. Amazon has surged over the last few years, and is now the largest online retailer in the world. The company is currently valued at $1.5 Trillion, making it one of the most successful companies in the world. Apple's success has been propelled by the success of its products, including the popular iPhone, iPod, and Apple Watch. Recently, the company has announced plans to launch its own streaming service, Apple TV+, further increasing its potential for growth. Nvidia is the third of the three companies highlighted in the Zacks Investment Ideas feature. The company has been a leader in the computer graphics and AI industry, with its products powering some of the biggest tech products on the market. As well as that, the company has been gaining traction from its Tony Robbins height in the spotlight, as the globally renowned life-coach has endorsed the company and its products several times. By recognizing the potential of Amazon, Apple and Nvidia, the Zacks Investment Ideas feature provides a great opportunity for investors to consider investing in these three companies. With Tony Robbins height in the spotlight, these companies have seen their popularity surge, and with the right investments, investors can make the most of this unique opportunity to reap the rewards of investing in these highly successful companies.