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"Taylor Kitsch Height: How The 'Friday Night Lights' Star Ended His Career With One Doomed Role" In the entertainment industry, many stars work hard to become famous and get their big break. But, some of them make one big mistake which destroys their career, just like it did for Taylor Kitsch. The 6'2" 'Friday Night Lights' actor found success in the television series, but it all went downhill after starring in one doomed role. Kitsch started off his career playing Tim Riggins in the beloved drama series ‘Friday Night Lights’. He gained immense popularity as the show's lead and his performance was highly acclaimed. He attracted the attention of many Hollywood producers, which led to his first big-screen role in Wrath of the Titans. However, what was supposed to be the start of his movie career was the beginning of the end. The actor was set to star in the 2013 sci-fi movie 'Battleship', a film adaptation of the classic board game. Although the movie cost a whopping $209 million to make, it was poorly received and ended up as a box-office bomb. Kitsch's role was heavily criticized, and he was labeled as uncharismatic. As a result of the movie's failure, his career suffered immensely. Since then, he has been stuck in straight-to-video movies and television shows. It seems that Taylor Kitsch's 6'2" height was not enough to save him from his one doomed role. He has become one of the prime examples of actors who destroyed their career with one bad role.