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"A Small Light" Trailer: Bel Powley, Joe Cole, and Liev Schreiber Shine Bright A powerful new drama is set to hit theaters soon, and it shines a light on a great cast of actors. "A Small Light" stars Bel Powley, Joe Cole, and Liev Schreiber in a powerful story about a young girl's journey to adulthood. Now, a trailer for the movie has been released, and it gives fans a look at the story, as well as a glimpse of the height of talent in the cast. Bel Powley plays the lead role of Ella, a 17-year-old girl who struggles to find her place in the world. Along the way, she meets two unlikely friends—Kevin, played by Joe Cole, and Liev Schreiber's character, Chris. As Ella tries to find her way, Chris and Kevin help her in her journey and teach her important lessons about life. The trailer for "A Small Light" gives viewers a sense of the bond the three characters share. From the start, viewers can see that Ella is a young woman with a lot of potential, and that her two companions will help her reach her goal. We also get to see the incredible talent that each of the actors brings to the table, with Liev Schreiber's height of talent adding a layer of gravitas to the scene. As Ella's story unfolds, the three characters come to learn powerful lessons about themselves and the world around them. Through his unique set of experiences and his own special brand of wisdom, Chris is able to live life in the fullest, and pass that wisdom on to Ella. The trailer shows that it is a story of friendship, love, and growth, and it looks like it will be an emotionally charged drama. "A Small Light" promises to be an exciting and powerful story. With its strong cast of Bel Powley, Joe Cole, and Liev Schreiber's height of talent, it will be sure to entertain and educate viewers. The movie is set to arrive in theaters soon, so stay tuned to learn more about this amazing film.