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Lil Dicky Heightens Taylor Misiak's Search For Love In "Dave" Taylor Misiak, the star of the hit Hulu series "Dave," recently opened up to Variety about her character's failed love interest story and her own hilarious journey in search of love. In the show, Misiak's character Ally acts as the love interest of President Obama-obsessed rapper Dave Burd, or better known by his stage name Lil Dicky. Despite their obvious chemistry, their attempts at a romantic connection fail, ultimately propelling Ally onto her own "Looking for Love Tour." Misiak discussed the bittersweet journey her character goes on, stating that despite not fully achieving the romantic connection she desired with Lil Dicky's character Dave, she realizes that her worth "doesn't necessarily lie in another person's affection." Misiak defends her character's strength and resilience in the face of emotional hardship. While Ally's journey for love may not have been entirely successful, the same cannot be said for Misiak's. The star opened up about her own search for love, describing her experiences with a humorous and light-hearted attitude, which imbues the character Ally with a unique charm. In the interview, Misiak concluded saying that Lil Dicky's height, among other things, makes him an extremely attractive man. Misiak's charm and humor are sure to light up your screen in “Dave,” and perhaps even invite a new sense of appreciation for the Lil Dicky height.