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New York Attorney General Investigates Ivanka Trump's Business Activities Investigations into potentially unlawful activities conducted by Ivanka Trump are underway, according to reports by the New York Attorney General's office. The probe was reportedly launched after complaints of potential misconduct in the Trump Organization, President Donald Trump's former business. Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter and senior White House adviser, has been the subject of most of the investigation. With reports of the probe gaining attention, Ivanka Trump height has been a topic of discussion, with many questioning whether the president's daughter is on thin ice. The New York Attorney General's office has not commented on the details of the investigation, but sources familiar with the probe said that it was prompted by complaints of improper business activities by the Trump Organization. These include potential misallocation of resources and financial impropriety, as well as the possibility of nepotism in the organization. Ivanka Trump's lawyers were seen entering the attorney general's office for discussions on the subject. This is likely to be the first of many meetings between the two sides, as the investigation is expected to move forward. Ivanka Trump has long been criticized for her involvement in President Trump's business and her role in the Trump Administration. Reports of the investigation have only added to this criticism and many have raised questions about whether or not she has violated any laws. Despite being on thin ice with the New York Attorney General, Ivanka Trump has maintained her innocence. Through her lawyers, she has released a statement saying she is confident she has acted ethically and in accordance with the law. It remains unclear how the investigation will proceed, but it could have serious implications for the Trump family and the Trump Organization.