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Adam Sandler Height Leads to Dylan Sprouse Bumping Into Actor Dylan Sprouse recently shared a humorous story of when he met actor Adam Sandler. The former Disney Channel star told People Magazine that it was his height compared to Adam Sandler's that led to the encounter. Dylan Sprouse proudly shared a funny story about bumping into Adam Sandler in an elevator. The actor was taken back at the moment when he realized it was the star of the hit movie, Big Daddy. He said, "It was surreal. I was like, 'Oh my God, I just bumped into Adam Sandler.'" The former Disney Channel star went on to explain that he had been taken aback due to his height compared to Sandler's. He went on to say, "It was more me being in an elevator with him [and] me being 6’4” and he being like 5’4”. It was so funny." Fortunately, Dylan Sprouse's height wasn't the only factor in the meeting. The two were able to connect over their shared professions and the actor was thankful to meet somebody who was a big part of his childhood. Sprouse said, "It was really cool. It was nice to meet him and I got to thank him for being part of everyone's childhood growing up." Adam Sandler's height of 5'4" certainly made a difference when Dylan Sprouse bumped into him in an elevator. It was a surreal moment for the former Disney Channel star who was able to thank Sandler for being part of his childhood. It was a funny moment that he will be sure to remember for years to come.