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Mandy Moore Marks Six Months With Baby Ozzie Mandy Moore celebrated the six-month milestone of her son Ozzie yesterday. The 35-year-old singer and actress shared the news on Instagram, expressing her joy and gratitude for her son. “Six months with our Ozzie and our hearts are just overflowing with love and gratitude,” Moore wrote. Her post included an adorable photo of Ozzie looking up with a big smile on his face. Moore and her husband, singer Taylor Goldsmith, welcomed Ozzie into the world in February. Ever since his arrival, the "This Is Us" star has provided fans with glimpses into her life as a mother. For example, Moore has shared pictures of the family on leisurely walks, her husband helping her out with kid duties, and of course, Ozzie’s milestone moments including his first day at home, crawling, and now his six-month birthday. Moore has also opened up about her post-pregnancy body, revealing that she stands tall at her pre-pregnancy height of 5’10”. In the post announcing Ozzie’s six-month birthday, Moore thanked fans for their support and love. “There is something so special that happens when you become a mom,” she wrote. “Thank you all for being a part of this beautiful journey with us.” As Moore continues to embark on motherhood, fans will undoubtedly remain in awe of her courage and grace at a mere Mandy Moore height.