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"Nick Cannon Rejects NBC's Offer Despite 'America's Got Talent' Pay Bump" Nick Cannon is standing firm on his principles and turning down a big money offer from NBC. Despite the network doubling his salary on America's Got Talent, the TV personality and musician is opting out of a new contract. Nick Cannon took to Instagram to explain why he declined the offer, stating that he doesn't need the money and he wants to use his platform for something more meaningful. He explained that he's not swayed solely by money and he wants to focus on projects that leave an impact and create a legacy. The double salary offer from NBC sparked a lot of speculation about his potential financial situation, with fans wondering why he would turn down such an offer. Through his explanation, Cannon was able to clear up any potential confusion. He also shut down speculation about his heightening financial difficulties, citing his desire for creative control over his work. In his post, Cannon wanted to put an end to the conversation surrounding his financials but promised to make an announcement soon regarding a new project. He also promised to keep his fans updated on his future endeavours, assuring them that he won't be silent. It's clear that Nick Cannon is not just determined to stay self-reliant but to also use his platform to make a difference. With the rising speculation about his refusal, Cannon has been able to show his fans why his decision is important and how he's staying true to his values. Despite turning down NBC's offer, it's clear that fans will be hearing more from the multi-talented star in the near future.