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"Taylor Kitsch Height: Minka Kelly's New Memoir Shares Surprising Details about the Actor" Minka Kelly has released her long-awaited memoir, Every Thing In Between: My Story, and it includes some unexpected details about actor Taylor Kitsch. The two gained attention in 2012 when they starred together in the film Friday Night Lights. In her memoir, Kelly reveals how she and Taylor Kitsch were the same height. "I was taken aback," she writes, "Taylor Kitsch was just an inch and a half shorter than me." Fans were previously unaware of the actor’s true height, although the general assumption was that Kitsch was taller than the 5’5 Kelly. The memoir also describes how the pair shared an intimate moment while filming a scene. According to Kelly, Kitsch whispered in her ear, “Every time I look at you, my heart melts.” The pair had undeniable chemistry, and the scene was an emotional one for the two actors. Kelly and Kitsch’s relationship has been an enigma to fans, with many wondering if they ever dated. Despite the rumors, the two never had a romantic relationship. In her memoir, Kelly explains that although she had feelings for him, the timing was never right. “We laughed and flirted a little, but I think we both knew what was and wasn’t possible," Kelly writes. Minka Kelly's memoir provides a unique insight into her life and her relationship with Taylor Kitsch. It serves as a reminder that even actors with a mysterious past can still have a heartfelt connection. With her memoir, Kelly has given fans a glimpse into her extraordinary journey with the actor of the same height.