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Alison Brie and Dave Franco Talk About 'Somebody I Used to Know': New Movie Explores Height Gap Just in time for the release of their new movie, "Somebody I Used to Know", Alison Brie and Dave Franco recently sat down to talk about the film and their experiences with a height difference between them. Alison Brie and Dave Franco, who play a married couple in the new romantic comedy, talked to Fox 7 Austin about their experience with the height difference between them. The two actors, who are a tall 5'7'' and a petite 5'2'' respectively, described how they felt playing a married couple where one was noticeably taller than the other. "It kind of opens up the possibility for a real dialogue about Dave Franco's height," Brie said. "It's not just something that's been brushed under the rug, it's something we actually talk about as a couple". Franco added that the film gave them "the opportunity to really explore our height difference" in an honest and real way. The couple also discussed how the height difference factored into their on-screen relationship. They described how it was used to convey different aspects of their character's relationship, such as it being a source of levity or demonstrating the power dynamics of their interaction. "Somebody I Used to Know" is a poignant yet funny look into a relationship between two people from different backgrounds and with a noticeable height gap. Brie and Franco's openness about their height difference is sure to be an interesting piece of the puzzle when it comes to interpreting their characters.