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"Arnold Schwarzenegger's Father Among Millions Sucked Into Nazi Ideology, Actor Reflects" Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared the story of his father, Gustav, who was among millions of people "sucked" into the Nazi ideology during World War II. The actor and former California governor reflected on his dad's difficult journey in a recent interview. Gustav Schwarzenegger was born in Austria in 1907 and moved to Germany in 1938. He quickly joined the Nazi party and served in the army during World War II, eventually being stationed in Ukraine. During the interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that his father was "sucked in" to the Nazi ideology and had become an admirer of Hitler. The actor and former governor also spoke about his father's post-war life. After returning from Ukraine, Gustav Schwarzenegger moved to Austria and married his wife Aurelia Jadrny. Arnold said he was a "different person" after the war, with his father doing his best to express remorse for his actions. The interview concluded with a discussion about Arnold Schwarzenegger's height, which he says he inherited from his father. He claims his 6'2 stature comes from his dad, who was 6'4 at the time he was drafted into the Nazi army in Ukraine. Arnold believes this was the only way his father was able to join the army, as he was too tall to do so otherwise.