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Ben Affleck Opens Up About J. Lo's Eating Habits: 'She Eats Whatever She Wants' Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's relationship has been constantly in the spotlight since their engagement earlier this year. Now the actor is opening up about his fiancée's eating habits, and it looks like the couple is on the same page. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Affleck answered questions about his marriage to Lopez. The two were asked about the pressures of eating healthy and maintaining their height, to which he responded, “She eats whatever she wants. I think that’s the key.” Lopez, known to have a strict fitness and diet plan, apparently has a different approach when it comes to her relationship with Affleck. The actor added, “I think it helps us to have the same outlook on food, because it’s a very important part of looking after your body and your health. We both think that it’s important to stay in shape and to have a healthy diet.” He may have been referring to his own struggles with maintaining his Ben Affleck height, as he admitted to having an eating disorder in the past. When asked about his current eating habits, Affleck said, “I’m mindful. I don’t want to defeat myself with food, but I also want to enjoy life.” The couple's outlook on food, health and fitness is certainly inspiring. Their balance of enjoying life while staying within the confines of a healthy lifestyle certainly seems to be working for them - both Affleck and Lopez look great!