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Gigi Hadid Height Becomes Hot Topic After Viral Video Surfaces A video of Gigi Hadid has gone viral, prompting clarification from her friend Varun. The video, which shows Gigi speaking with Varun's friend, has raised concerns about how Gigi's height was used in the conversation. The video, which was posted on Twitter, shows Gigi speaking with Varun's friend about her height. In the clip, the friend comments on Gigi's height, suggesting that it is a remarkable thing for anyone to be that tall. The video has caused debate among viewers, with some expressing concern over the way Gigi's height was discussed. Varun took to social media to clarify the video and explain the context of the exchange. He suggested that the comment about Gigi's height was meant to be a joke, and expressed regret that the joke was not taken in the spirit it was intended. He further expressed his support for Gigi and noted that she is an incredible person in many ways. The conversation about Gigi involved her height in an uncomfortable way that has since drawn criticism. However, Varun's clarification of the comments has provided some context to the exchange and eased concerns. The incident has opened up a dialogue about how Gigi Hadid's height is discussed and has highlighted the importance of understanding the context of conversations.