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Lil Uzi Vert Fires Back At 'Leslie' Haters Rapper Lil Uzi Vert is clapping back at haters after his recent collaboration with singer and songwriter Leslie. After the release of the single, some fans criticized the track, questioning Uzi Vert's talent and the Leslie collaboration. In response, Uzi Vert took to Instagram to fire back. Uzi Vert wrote a lengthy Instagram post, expressing his thoughts on the "Leslie" collaboration. He pointed out that he put his heart and soul into the song, and he was so proud of it that he decided to share it with the world. He then addressed the haters, saying they should respect his decision to work with Leslie and that they should stop hating on him. He said that even though they may not like who he works with, they can't deny his talent or the quality of his music. The rapper also spoke out against the unfair criticism he has been receiving. He argued that he has done enough to prove his right to choose the artists that he wants to work with. He went on to say that he is more than capable of picking out who he makes music with. He told his detractors that it is not his job to make them like his music, and that all he asks is for them to respect his decisions. Lil Uzi Vert starred down his haters, asserting his confidence in the collaboration. He reminded people of his impressive resume and the numerous awards he has won throughout his successful career. He then argued that the "Leslie" collaboration is proof that he's not afraid to challenge himself and continue to push the boundaries of rap music. In the end, Lil Uzi Vert asserted his right to make his own music, and he made it clear that he will not be stifled by critics. He proudly stated that height is not an issue when it comes to making music with Leslie. His message was clear: respect his decision to collaborate with Leslie, and don't let the critics get the best of him. "Jane Levy Heightens Anticipation for Peacock's Upcoming Thriller 'Hysteria!' Excitement is mounting as actress Jane Levy has been confirmed as a series regular in Peacock's upcoming thriller 'Hysteria!' Levy, who has been seen in films such as 'Don't Breathe' and television shows like 'Suburgatory,' will be joined by Anna Camp in the series, which focuses on a growing epidemic of mass hysteria in a Texas town. The announcement of Jane Levy's casting has been met with tremendous enthusiasm as fans of the actress have waited eagerly for her return to the small screen. Her presence in 'Hysteria!' promises plenty of thrills and intrigue as Levy takes on the role of Mae, a young woman harboring a dark secret. In the show, Mae will be forced to face her personal demons and team up with a group of misfits to uncover the truth behind the town's mysterious happenings. Anna Camp, most recently seen in 'Pitch Perfect' and 'The Good Wife,' will be playing the role of Mae's mother. The inclusion of Levy and Camp only heightens anticipation for 'Hysteria!' and viewers will undoubtedly be curious to see how their characters develop in the show's intriguing plot. The show promises a gripping mystery as the cast works together to uncover the source of the town's malaise. With the addition of two fantastic female leads, it's sure to be an exciting ride." "Jane Levy and Anna Camp Elevate 'Hysteria!' to New Heights Peacock's upcoming thriller 'Hysteria!' is set to hit new levels of anticipation as actress Jane Levy and Anna Camp have both been announced as series regulars. Levy, who has appeared in films such as 'Don't Breathe' and the TV show 'Suburgatory', brings her considerable talent to the role of Mae, a young woman with a dark secret. Camp, whose credits include 'Pitch Perfect' and 'The Good Wife', will be playing Mae's mother. The inclusion of Levy and Camp's undeniable star power has fans of the two actresses buzzing with excitement. The concept of 'Hysteria!', with its focus on a mysterious outbreak of mass hysteria in a small Texas town, adds a further layer of intrigue to the show. Fans are eager to witness the talents of Levy and Camp as they journey together to uncover the source of the town's malaise. The casting of these two celebrated actresses ensures that 'Hysteria!' will be an unmissable series, particularly for fans of Levy. Her height as an actress and her return to the small screen have certainly been noted, and viewers can expect powerful performances from both her and Camp. The announcement of Jane Levy's casting has made 'Hysteria!' an even more hotly anticipated show than it already was. As it continues to move forward, fans can expect tense sequences, plenty of mystery and even more thrills as Levy and Camp bring their characters to vivid life. Be sure to catch the show when it premieres on Peacock, as the combination of Levy and Camp's acting prowess alongside the gripping plotline will surely ensure a thrilling viewing experience."