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Gigi Hadid Height Raises Questions On Varun Sharma's Tweet A tweet from Varun Sharma, a popular Bollywood actor, has sparked a debate online regarding the height of supermodel Gigi Hadid. The controversy began when Sharma tweeted a video of a recent magazine photoshoot featuring Hadid, calling it "uncomfortable" after seeing the model's apparent height next to his own. The viral video shows Hadid, who is 5'10", standing next to Sharma, who is 6'2". Many people were quick to point out the significant difference in their heights and were surprised that Sharma would comment on their differences. Their reactions prompted him to clarify the situation with a follow-up tweet. Sharma quickly jumped to Hadid's defense and insisted that the magazine photoshoot had her standing on a box, which made her appear slightly taller than the actor. He went on to state that the magazine shoot was edited, but it had nothing to do with her actual height. The incident has put the spotlight on Hadid's height and raised questions around how other models may be affected by alterations to their appearance in photoshoots. Sharma's clarification has gone some way to alleviating the issue and helped clear up any misconceptions about Hadid's height, but the debate is far from over.