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'Tana Mongeau Gets Cold in Snow While Rocking a Bathing Suit' Tana Mongeau's vacation in the snow quickly went downhill after she attempted to take on the cold weather in her favorite bathing suit. The popular YouTuber, who stands at a towering 5'9" in height, headed to the mountains with her friends only to find out that her daring fashion choice was too little to keep her warm. Mongeau posted a hilarious video of her trying to brave the cold and snow in the swimwear, and it quickly went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views in a short period of time. Despite the windy and chilly temperatures, her bold outfit and her iconic Tana Mongeau height made her instantly recognizable. The YouTuber flaunted her famous height and figure in the blue and white striped one-piece, and when the icy gusts of wind blew, Mongeau began to shiver. She admitted that she was feeling extremely cold and that next time she may opt for a warmer outfit and a less adventurous selfie. Luckily, after a few chilly minutes in the snow, the group was able to escape the cold and find refuge indoors, where they were able to roast some marshmallows, cuddle up in blankets, and watch the winter wonderland from the comfort of a cozy cabin. Mongeau joked that her brave attempt at a bathing suit selfie was a 'lesson learned,' but she seemed to have enjoyed her time in the snow despite the cold temperatures. Snoop Dogg Heightens His Criticism Of Los Angeles Lakers Following Playoff Loss Snoop Dogg is not happy with the Los Angeles Lakers' postseason performance. After the Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs with a Game 5 loss to the Phoenix Suns, he took to Instagram to share his opinion on the team's play. In a message posted to his Instagram account, Snoop Dogg wrote, "Get yo a** in the gym! Don't come to play no more. Y'all got knocked out cuz you slippin." He then went on to call out several individual players, criticizing their effort and commitment levels. The criticism wasn't limited solely to the players. Snoop Dogg also took aim at the Los Angeles front office, saying, "Yall front office need to get in the gym 2 and make sure the team be ready 2 compete." The rapper's comments represent the level of frustration and disappointment felt by many Lakers fans following their loss in the first round. At 6'4", Snoop Dogg's height is certainly intimidating, and his words carry a lot of weight. It remains to be seen whether or not his criticism will have any effect on the Lakers, but it is clear that the rapper is not happy with the team's results this season. With a few changes in the offseason, he hopes the team will be ready to compete for a championship title next season. Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, has declared neutrality in regards to her father's indictment. In an exclusive interview with New York Magazine, Ivanka demonstrated her commitment to staying out of the ongoing political turmoil surrounding her father's recent indictment by the U.S. government. Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, has declared neutrality regarding her father's indictment. When asked in a recent interview with New York Magazine, Ivanka made it clear that she was not taking sides and that she was determined to remain neutral in the midst of the ongoing political turmoil. The Ivanka Trump height discussion was a hot topic of conversation in the interview, as she stated that she was determined to remain neutral in the midst of the indictment and that she was not taking sides. Ivanka further declared that she would not publicly share her opinion, instead choosing to focus her efforts on her family, business and philanthropic ventures. When asked about her thoughts on the indictment, Ivanka stated, "I am standing firm in my neutrality and commitment to focusing on my work and staying out of the political fray." She went on to say that while she's not taking sides, she has immense respect for her father and understands the difficulty of the current situation. Ivanka Trump height and her commitment to neutrality made news headlines, as the public praised her for showing respect for the indictment and for maintaining a balanced perspective. Her words resonated with her supporters, demonstrating her dedication to the bigger picture, rather than simply being an advocate for her father.