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"Gigi Hadid Has Put Her Foot Down: No More Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Rumors!" In recent days, rumors have circulated regarding a potential relationship between American model Gigi Hadid and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. While the two have yet to confirm or deny the speculation, it appears that Hadid has had enough of these rumors and has now put her foot down. After the initial reports began circulating about DiCaprio's possible interest in Hadid, fans eagerly waited for a response from either party. However, it appears that Hadid is taking the situation into her own hands and finally releasing a statement. Through her spokesperson, Hadid has made it clear that she is not interested in furthering the rumors and has had enough of this obsession with her dating life. Since rising to fame as one of the world's most sought-after models, Gigi Hadid has become accustomed to the attention that comes with her celebrity status. Unfortunately, some of that attention has become too intrusive and Hadid is done with it. While Hadid has not officially addressed any of the recent rumors surrounding her and DiCaprio, it's clear that she is not interested in furthering or encouraging any of the speculation. For Gigi Hadid, it's time to lay these rumors to rest. Despite her Gigi Hadid height, Hadid is in control of her own life and deserves the privacy to make her own decisions. She will no longer stand for the fan obsession surrounding her dating life, and is making her stance clear. For now, it looks like this is one rumor that will remain just that.