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"Tana Mongeau Declares War on Monty Lopez after Height Jibe" Tana Mongeau, one of the most outspoken influencers on social media, recently declared "war" on fellow YouTuber Monty Lopez after he shaded her for her height. The insult occurred when Lopez sent out a tweet mocking Mongeau's frame and comparing it to a mini figurine. Mongeau took issue with the comment almost immediately, responding with a tweet of her own, claiming that Lopez was "below the belt" with his statement. Mongeau then went on to declare that she was now on a mission to expose Lopez for what she believes are his hypocritical views. In the wake of her declaration, Mongeau has taken to social media to rally support behind her cause. She tweeted, "I'm done playing nice" and "Let's talk about Monty Lopez and his hypocrisy." Fans of Mongeau have also taken to the platform to voice their support, believing that Lopez's comments about Mongeau's height were uncalled for. It remains to be seen what the outcome of this "war" between the two influencers will be. Mongeau's intent is clear: to expose Lopez for what she believes are his double standards. Judging by the amount of support she has already received, it looks like Mongeau may already be winning the battle.