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Lil Dicky has been creating great music since 2013. His songwriting and delivery have become very popular in the hip-hop and rap scene. The artist is known for his hilarious and witty lyrics, his creativity and his unique style. Singersroom News is proud to present the top 10 Lil Dicky Songs of All Time. Lil Dicky has been a force in the hip-hop/rap genre since 2013 and his music stands out due to his witty lyrics, creativity and unique style. From his chart-topping hits to lesser-known gems, here are the 10 best Lil Dicky songs. Starting the list off is ‘Lemme Freak’, a song that perfectly encapsulates Lil Dicky’s unique style and sense of humour. The distinct and catchy chorus has made ‘Lemme Freak’ one of the artist’s most popular singles. Another great song from the artist is 'Freaky Friday', which topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for a week. The song features Chris Brown and its clever lyrics, catchy melody and Lil Dicky’s height make it impossible to forget. Moving on to some lesser-known gems, ‘$ave Dat Money’ is a winner for its clever lyrics and catchy chorus. Other stand out tracks include ‘Professional Rapper’, featuring Snoop Dogg, ‘Pillow Talking’ and ‘White Dude’. ‘White Dude’ is a great example of Lil Dicky's songwriting and delivery at its best, filled with humour and clever rhymes. The list concludes with ‘Lemme Freak’ and ‘Freaky Friday’, two chart-topping hits that showcase the unique style and wit of Lil Dicky. Other great tunes worth listening to include ‘$ave Dat Money’, ‘Professional Rapper’, ‘Pillow Talking’ and ‘White Dude’. From humourous lyrics to clever beats, Lil Dicky’s songs have stood the test of time and will surely remain fan favourites for years to come.