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Emma Stone Overcomes Height Insecurity After Seeing Jennifer Lawrence's Success Emma Stone has recently been open about her insecurities about her height, but after seeing the success of Jennifer Lawrence, she has realized that height doesn't have to be a limitation. Stone had previously felt self-conscious about her height, but watching Lawrence succeed has given her the courage to continue pursuing her own dreams. Stone admitted that when she was first starting out in the industry, her ego was going nuts because of the differences in her and Lawrence's height. Stone is 5'6" while Lawrence is a statuesque 5'9", and Stone was overwhelmed by the idea that if someone as tall as Lawrence could make it as an actress, then Stone had no chance. However, after seeing Lawrence's success in the industry, Stone has realized that having height doesn't guarantee fame or success. Lawrence has certainly benefitted from her height- she has used her stature to her advantage in roles like Mystique in the X-Men franchise- but ultimately, the quality of her performances is what has gotten her to the top. Seeing this, Stone has come to accept that height doesn't define her limits. Her successful film and television career has proven her to be just as talented as Lawrence, and that success is what matters. Stone's newfound confidence in her career has been inspired by Lawrence's example, and she has attributed much of her own success to Lawrence's height.