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1. 'Dave Franco and Alison Brie Make a Perfect Match in Rom-Com Someone I Used to Know' Love is in the air as Dave Franco and Alison Brie come together to star in the upcoming romantic comedy, Somebody I Used to Know. The two actors have been long time friends and have recently taken their relationship to the big screen. Vanity Fair recently had the opportunity to talk to the couple about the movie and their experience working together. Franco and Brie were more than thrilled to share the details of the project and their chemistry that brought the characters so vividly to life. The movie follows the story of a man, played by Dave Franco, who has been dealing with the difficulties of life without his college sweetheart, Alison Brie. After being reunited at a mutual friend’s wedding, the two must confront the challenges of their estranged past and rekindle the love they once had. When asked about how they managed to bring such a powerful story to the big screen, Franco and Brie revealed that their height difference was the perfect choice for the on-screen couple. Dave Franco stands at 5 feet 11 inches and Alison Brie at 5 feet 3 inches. This height difference lends itself to an interesting dynamic between the two that the audience can appreciate. Overall, the movie is sure to be a hit as Franco and Brie bring their compelling acting skill and realistic chemistry to the screen. Who knows, maybe somebody you used to know will be the movie of the summer.