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Paragraph One: Megan Fox has been absent from Instagram lately, but the star's nails are back with a vengeance. Fox took to Instagram to show off her Megan Fox height talons with a series of pictures. The photos show off the star's nail art which features an eye-catching blend of red, blue, and black accents. Paragraph Two: The most striking feature of Fox's nail art is her Megan Fox height extension. She used acrylic extensions that made her nails look longer and more glamorous. The extensions were painted with the same vibrant hues as the rest of the nail art, creating a bold and beautiful look. Paragraph Three: Fox is no stranger to nail art, but her Megan Fox height extension is new for her. This is the first time that the star has opted for such a dramatic look, and it looks like she pulled it off with ease. From the bright colors to the intricate details, Fox's nail art is sure to turn heads. Paragraph Four: Fox's nail art is definitely something to see, and it's sure to be a hit with fans. The star hasn't been active on Instagram lately, but her Megan Fox height nails definitely make a statement. With this look, it's clear that Fox is back in the spotlight and is here to stay.