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Nick Cannon Height: Father of Eight Sheds Light on His Growing Family Nick Cannon recently opened up about his growing family in an interview with Yahoo Life. The TV and radio host is the father of eight children with his ex-wife Mariah Carey, twins Moroccan and Monroe, whom he shares with Carey, and six children with other women. Cannon revealed how Moroccan and Monroe feel about their siblings and the constant presence of family in their lives. He explained that he and Carey have modeled their parenting style after his own childhood, and his kids feel comfortable in the huge family. "They love it. I was raised in a very big, loud family and it's similar with all these kids. So there's always someone, brothers, sisters, running around screaming and yelling,” said Cannon. “We got into some of the dynamics of different personalities coming together, but it all works out in the wash.” The 43-year-old is also dedicated to instilling a sense of self-confidence in his children. Cannon said he is determined to make sure they understand they are “extremely dope” on their own and have the ability to do great things in the world. “That's something I also try to preach, that everyone has a special ability,” he said. No matter what, Nick Cannon heightens his responsibility as a father of eight. He believes his children will continue to be surrounded by love and support as they grow up. “We want to make sure our vibe is one of just love and understanding and support,” he said.