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Shawn Mendes and Music Exec Clio Massey Spend Time Outdoors in LA Shawn Mendes was spotted taking a hike with music executive Clio Massey in Los Angeles recently. The singer and Massey were both dressed casually for the outdoorsy excursion, with Mendes opting for a laid-back look of shorts and a T-shirt. Mendes' towering height was readily apparent, a stark contrast against the petite Massey. The two, who were first spotted together last month, spent the day enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather in Los Angeles. After their hike, they were seen grabbing a bite to eat at a café near the Griffith Observatory. Shawn Mendes and Clio Massey's hang out has sparked speculation that the two are more than just friends. Rumors have been swirling of the pair's close relationship, but neither has addressed them publicly. Regardless of the status of their relationship, there's no denying that it was enjoyable for both Shawn Mendes and Clio Massey. With Mendes towering over Massey at 6'1, their height difference made for an interesting combination during the hike. It's clear that the two have been spending plenty of time together lately, and fans can't help but wonder if something romantic is brewing between them.