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'Arnold Schwarzenegger Fills Potholes in Los Angeles, Celebrates his Height' When Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a recent photo of himself filling potholes in Los Angeles, the city rejoiced and social media erupted with enthusiasm. The former governor of California and renowned actor enjoyed the experience of returning to his early days, as he recalled to FOX 11 Los Angeles. Schwarzenegger shared a picture of his experience on his Instagram page and was celebrated for his willingness to take on the task of filling potholes. The actor exclaimed, “This took me back to the ‘70s when I used to work for my dad doing construction.” Although the job may seem mundane, Schwarzenegger was grateful for the opportunity to serve the city he loves. Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge was also grateful, saying, “It’s great to see that a man of his stature can take some time out of his day-to-day life and community service to help Los Angeles.” The experience was made even more special by Schwarzenegger’s impressive height. At 6’2”, the actor had the advantage of being able to reach deeper into the potholes to fill them in. This made the task a bit easier and allowed Schwarzenegger to take on the job with relative ease. As he shared, “My height really came in handy with this job!” Overall, Schwarzenegger’s experience was a success and a pleasure for the citizens of Los Angeles. The actor provided a much-needed service to the city and was able to tap into his past, all while utilizing his Arnold Schwarzenegger height to his advantage.