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'The Voice': Is Blake Shelton Being Replaced? As rumors swirl about the future of 'The Voice' and the possibility of Blake Shelton being replaced, fans of the show are eager to find out what exactly is going on. Is Shelton in fact being replaced, and if so, who would take his place? Although not much is certain, one thing is clear - Shelton's future on 'The Voice' is in question. After being a coach on the show for 11 seasons, the time may have come to make a change. According to reports, the show is considering bringing in a new judge to replace Shelton. This potential shake-up in the judging panel has left many viewers curious as to who might take Shelton's place. Some contenders include pop star Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, DJ Khaled, and Grammy Award-winning artist John Legend. Each judge brings their own unique style and expertise to the show, and with Blake Shelton's 6-foot-5 height, any one of these replacements could easily fill the void. One thing is certain, 'The Voice' viewers have been left with more questions than answers. While there's no confirmation yet as to who the new judge might be, rumors have been that some big names have expressed interest in joining the show. With the coaching line up possibly changing, the only constant is that Blake Shelton's height will be missed. Until more information is released, fans of 'The Voice' will be left in limbo.