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'Ben Affleck Admits to Big Financial Misstep as He Talks About His Height' In a recent interview, Ben Affleck revealed a big financial misstep he and his long-time friend and collaborator, Matt Damon, took in the early days of their careers. The Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker talked about his career and life in general, but it was a bit of financial advice that has gotten people talking. While recounting the story, Affleck admitted that he and Damon made a mistake that cost them millions of dollars. “When Matt and I got our first deal together, we were so excited and so naive that we made a few serious missteps," Affleck said. "We didn't understand how negotiations worked and ended up signing a deal that was way too small for the projects we were creating. It cost us millions in the long run.” The admission of the financial misstep was just one part of the conversation, however. Affleck also spoke candidly about his personal life, including his height. He revealed that even though he is 6'4, he still struggles with self-confidence and insecurities, particularly when it comes to his height. “I think a lot of tall guys feel like they're always being judged. People expect more of you. But at the same time, I'm proud of my height and I wouldn't change it for the world.” Affleck's openness about his height and his past financial misteps serves as a reminder that even successful people make mistakes and have insecurities. All of us can learn from Affleck's experience and use it as a valuable lesson.