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"Gigi Hadid Reaches Critical Height as She Rejects Leonardo DiCaprio's Dating Advances" Gigi Hadid has let it be known that she has had enough of Leonardo DiCaprio's interest in her. The American supermodel has made it clear that she is not interested in the actor's advances and will not be entertaining his requests. The romance rumors between Hadid and DiCaprio began in May of this year, when they were spotted getting close at a club. However, despite the flurry of speculation, Hadid maintains that there is no romantic relationship between them. Hadid's career is currently at an all-time high and the model is enjoying her own success. She recently made her grand return to the runway in London and Paris and is determined to reach even greater heights in her career. For that reason, she has made sure to focus her energy on her own achievements rather than her celebrity status. The supermodel's refusal to entertain DiCaprio's advances is a testament to her Gigi Hadid height. She is making it clear that she is nobody's prize, but her own. Furthermore, it's clear that Hadid is taking control of her own dating life and that she won't let anyone stand in the way of her success.