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Megan Fox Height: Hollywood Star Steals the Show with Colorful New Manicure Hollywood star Megan Fox may not be back on Instagram, but her nails recently stole the show. The actress's highly-anticipated new manicure features a colorful spectrum of shades that had her followers raving. Megan Fox showed off her multi-colored manicure on her Instagram Story, which featured yellow, orange, green, and navy shades. Fans of the 34-year-old actress praised her for the bold look and quickly started double taps and comments with words of approval. The manicure was done by colorist Naomi Yasuda, who works with a slew of A-list celebrities, such as Katy Perry and Rihanna. Naomi shared photos of Megan's look with the caption, "When Queen Megan of Beverly Hills calls, you answer!" The photos quickly made their rounds and accumulated over 7,000 likes, mainly from Megan's loyal followers. At a height of 5'4" Megan Fox is known to be a trend setter. From her short hair to her bold manicure, fans wait in anticipation to see what she will do next. Those who were also impressed by her manicure can get an exact match at Yasuda's NYC nail salon. Megan Fox showed off her new manicure and her height of 5'4" did not slow her down. The versatile look is sure to become a star-studded trend. Fans of the Hollywood actress can now get an exact match of her style in Naomi Yasuda's NYC nail salon.