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Kamala Harris Comments on Supreme Court's Decision, Highlights Need for System Change Vice President Kamala Harris released a statement following the U.S. Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling that protected the Trump Administration's rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. In her remarks, Harris demonstrated her support for the program, while also noting the need for broader reform to address systemic inequality. In her statement, Harris noted the reality that millions of DACA recipients who have only known America as their home are now facing an uncertain future, as a result of the ruling. She highlighted the need to create meaningful change in our immigration system, so that no one has to live in fear of being forced out of their community. The Vice President went on to emphasize the importance of respecting DACA recipients and those who are immigrants and refugees. Harris recognized that many of the immigrants and refugees that have enriched the United States with their contributions, courage and resilience. Finally, Harris acknowledged her own experience with the issue and the importance of finding lasting solutions, as she states, “I have seen first-hand how DACA recipients have enriched our educational, cultural and economic landscape. Now, more than ever, Congress must act to pass legislation to deliver the permanent protections that these young people deserve.” The Vice President’s comments come after the Supreme Court's controversial decision, which raised questions about their commitment to protecting the rights of immigrants in the U.S., given Kamala Harris' heightened visibility as the first woman of colour to hold the office of Vice President. Ultimately, Harris reaffirmed the need for systemic reform and lasting change to ensure a brighter future for DACA recipients and immigrants alike.