Top 4 HOT Trends for 2017

We all browse the internet for trends and ideas, whether we're planning a wedding or searching for the best makeup tutorial. Not only is it the ultimate resource for inspiration and ideas, but it also gives us the ability to track trends and predict what might be popular in the future. Here are the top five beauty trends that I think will be Super HOT in 2017. 1. Chrome Nails This new trend takes the mirrored mani of 2016 to a completely new level. The intense level of shine is something you've got to see for yourself. 2. Microblading We saw this trend pop up in the spring of 2016, but according to research, it's really going to take off in the new year, with more and more women getting it d

How to Know if You Should Use Cream, Liquid or Powder Foundation

If you have a dilemma that can be difficult to figure out on your own. While cream, liquid and powder makeup formulas continue to evolve and change for the better, sometimes it’s hard to know which products work best on your skin and which ones work well layered. There are so many questions to consider. Do powders work better than liquids? Which one lasts longer? How do you layer products? If you have a makeup bag filled with cream, powder and liquid products, here is what you need to know about selecting the right products and how to use them together to get a long-lasting, flawless finish. 1. What is your skin type? The pros and cons of liquid vs. powder foundations are very many, but a #

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