3 Makeup Crazes That Are Going to Be Huge

1. Fake Freckles.. Thanks to some pretty out-of-the-box beauty trends, one of the latest to land on U.S. shores is faux freckles. While there are many of my clients who want to cover or eliminate their natural freckles, this trend may make them think twice. “If you don’t have any freckles, place them on you nose and cheeks and a few in the center of your forehead. Use waterproof cream or gel pencils in neutral tones to create fake freckles so they stay put all day.” 2.Goth Makeup.. Remember makeup looks of the 1990s? It was all about dark, vampy colors in shades of plums, browns and black. Spotted all over the fall 2016 runway shows, goth-inspired makeup is back. But this time around, it’s

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